Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Part IV

So after our great day spent with family (and nice break from driving long days), we left really early on Tuesday 8/3 so we could make it to the leasing office in time to get keys that day. The drive through Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina was beautiful. And hilly. In fact, a lot hillier than we thought it would be. Everything went smoothly though and we made it in time to sign the lease and get the keys to our new home.

Our new state! :)

What all the highways look like in NC. Notice all the tall trees on each side that are literally SO dense that you can't see anything beyond them. For example, this was taken in the middle of a pretty large city...and you certainly can't tell!

Our home. Not the best pic ever...but at least you can see it. It's a two story townhouse style apartment and we love it! :)
Some of the locals just saying "hi". :)

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