Monday, August 16, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Part III

On Monday my parents, my hubby and I got to spend the day with my sis and her kids. We started the day out taking the tour of the famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory! We weren't allowed to take pics on the tour, but I will forever have those images in my head anyway! It was great!

We got to see just how they used to make bats for each player by hand on lathes and now the machines that do it. Awesome stuff! We all learned a lot and had a lot of fun. :) One of the best parts was probably the souvenir bats they give out after the tour that you get to take home! What a cute way to remember our time there!

Outside the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory.

A Rose of Sharon bloom at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. Love these...

My cute mom walking down to get a better view of the Falls.

A lower view of the Falls of the Ohio, with the Louisville skyline behind. Beautiful huh?! One of our favorite places to visit while visiting my sis.

My favorite type of tree! My mom pointed them out to me a few years ago (Because they are SO pretty!), and we saw them everywhere from KY to NC on our trip. In fact they are literally EVERYWHERE in North Carolina. I want to ask someone what they are...but fear the people thinking I'm crazy or them just not knowing either.... So I will probably just keep googling around to find out what it is! Do you know?

Anyway, we all had a great day visiting places in Louisville. In addition to the Slugger Museum and Falls of the Ohio, we visited Churchill Downs. We didn't have time to take the tour, but we still got to walk around and see the famous place where the Kentucky Derby happens. My sweet hubs had never been to Louisville before, so it was great for him to see some of the sights! :)

After a fun filled day the kiddos took a nap and my mom, sis and I got to go to a couple shops not too far from my sister's home. So that was nice too. :) (My dad and hubby stayed at home while the kiddos slept.)

Then, we all went to dinner at Mark's Feed Store. Amazing food there! We all just love it! Our brother-in-law got to join us for the evening too. After a fantastic dinner, we took a stroll around Crescent Reservoir. Such beauty....

Here's my dad, our brother-in-law, my hubby and our niece L walking around the reservoir. (Nephew N was in the stroll that our brother-in-law was pushing in the pic.)

It was such a great day to spend with family. :) And now since we are living in North Carolina we'll be able to see my sis (and fam) in Kentucky more often! Although, since we're in NC we'll see the rest of our fam in CO less....I guess there's always a trade off. At least we are still within a days drive of fam though! :)


  1. Cute post!! I love the back of all the people. Hey, I googled "what are those trees with pink flowers in NC" - and it said Crepe Mrytle...