Sunday, August 15, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Part I

With the help of a few friends and both of our sets of parents, we loaded up our 26' Penske moving truck on Friday July 30th. Once we were finished cleaning up our apartment in Laporte, J and I headed over to my parents' house to spend the night before the first day of our trek across the country!
Here's a pic of our Penske on the road. Cute huh? I know. I'm a nerd. But, it was cute to see my parents drive that truck in front of us. That truck containing virtually everything that J and I own in the world.

Did I mention how we are forever indebted to my parents for not only taking time off work and life to help us load up the truck, but also to help us move and drive the truck across the country as well as unload that monster of a truck into our 2 story townhouse! Thank you two!!! :) We really couldn't have done it without you!
A rather sad sign to see when you're not just going on a vacation....but, at least we hope to move back someday.... I guess we'll have to see what God has planned for us though. :)

Anyway, our first day (7/31) we left around 7:30am from Northern Colorado and made it all the way through Kansas City, MO to Lee's Summit. I think we got into our hotel around 9:30 or so, but now I can't quite remember. We ate sandwiches at a rest area in western Kansas for lunch, and then stopped for dinner at Spangles. (My parents and I have loved that place since we move my sis out to KY.)

We left the next morning (8/1) around 7:30am and had a nice drive overall. When we got to Saint Louis we went down by the river to get a better view of the Arch (as my parents and I always like to do when we go through, and my hubby hadn't really seen it up close before) but the river was really high and was flooding the street. So, we tried to drive around to see if we could get to it another way, but it was a no go (especially with the Penske) so, we went on with our day. Maybe next time. Interesting thing, we got to see the flood gates down in the city. Kind of creepy to be below them and them be closed though...
On the way to the Arch....
Flooded street in front of the Arch.
My Rocket Scientist pointing out the high, high river in Saint Louis.

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