Saturday, July 17, 2010


Thanks to everyone who came to our party today. We had a great time and feel very loved. :) It was especially great to see our family, extended family including (but not limited to) aunts, uncles, grandma's, grandpa and cousins, and of course also some of our most dear friends. :)

Can't believe we leave two weeks from today, but we're confident with you all praying for us we'll have a good transition to North Carolina. And yes, we'll definitely come back and visit. We just can't guarantee that we will see all of your every time we make it back here.

Anyway, it was so great to see you today, and even for those of your who weren't able to make it there--we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us as we move on with our journey together.

I'm so proud of J! It's hard to believe that he's almost completely done with his Doctorate. Although he's been working on it the entire time I've known him, it's just so crazy to think all the work he's put into it all is finally coming to an end. But rather, it's a beginning not an ending. Because we are starting whole new chapter of our lives together. How exciting.

We sure will miss this place though. FBC has some of the greatest people we've ever met in it, as well as CO where most of our family is. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, caring and generous family as well as friends. We love you and will keep you updated on our lives as we make this journey.

Thanks for reading. :)

PS I didn't capture a single moment on film--or rather memory card--today. But fear not! My mom did, so I will be posting pics soon. :)

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