Monday, July 19, 2010

Party Pics

Alright, my sweet mom took great pics at the party this weekend. So thank you so much for capturing the moments! :) Here's a few pics from the event....and apparently I have some trouble uploading them in the correct order...but anyway, here are some. (In reverse order...) :)

Oh, and you may notice that you don't see any faces...that's because I'm keeping this public for now, so it's easier to get to and read. If you'd like to see faces and more pics let me know though, and I could always change it to private later.... Anyway, enjoy for now ..... :) And officially it's 12 days till we leave. Wow.
After the party we ate dinner with some of our family at Pueblo Viejo in Old Town Fort Collins. The restuarant was great and also just so happened to be across from my very, very, very favorite place in Fort Collins. That corner hotel with Starbucks. It's on such an angle it resembles one in NY, NY and just has something about it that I love. J and I have had many dates walking near there and sipping coffee inside too. Love it...
I wore this cute dress to our party. When I first bought it I didn't like the pink belt...but after wearing it to the party and having a great response, I think I decided I not only like it, but rather love it. :)
J was sporting his newest dress shirt--courtesy of Kohl's a couple weeks ago where I got this great shirt for a mere $6--and I think he wore it well. My sweetie-pie. :)
Possibly my favorite part of the whole event was my punch. Simple and great punch that I grew up having at Church. Then I found pi ice cubes to make it complete for my genius hubs. :) I thought it was pretty cute and clever. I hope others did too.....

Here are some of the kids collecting candy after the pinata broke. :) (Although they had to help it break was a lot better built than a pinata should have been....)
Pinata time! We were impressed the kids did so well with hitting the pinata, even though many--if not all--had never done one before!!! SO cute! I think the really did have fun...
Here's something else that I found to go with my theme for my Rocket Scientist's graduation party. Giant plush Neurons in a giant petri dish. Adorable?!?!?! Yep I thought so too.

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