Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Must Haves

Alright, this is a rather random post, but bare with me because I think it's worth it. :)

I am going through things as I pack so I can see what I want to try to sell at our yard sale this weekend. So as I was going through this binder of mine I found some papers from a trip that I took 6 years ago with my parents up to Montana and Canada. (Summer of 2004, which was the summer after my Sophomore year of college.)

One of the papers had a list of traits I would like my future spouse. I made columns on it saying "Must haves" and "Can't stands". I'll write my lists below.

Must Haves:
1. Love God.
2. Family is important.
3. Go getter.
4. Good sense of humor.
5. Optimistic.
6. Enjoys the outdoors.
7. Conflict resolution skills.
8. Chemistry. (with me)
9. Intelligence.

Can't Stands:
1. Smoker.
2. Pessimistic.
3. Alcoholic.
4. Liar.
5. Anger issues.
6. Laziness.
7. Foul language.
8. Reckless driving.
9. Going to places like Hooters, etc.

I think the best part is that these are still so true today...and I am so grateful to have found my sweet Rocket Scientist who really does have all of my "Must haves" and none of the "Can't stands"! :)

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