Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must Haves: Part 2

Ok, so I wrote my post on must haves yesterday, but I didn't put it all on there. I was debating about putting this part on here, but after talking with my Mom today I decided to! :)

When I started my freshman year at CSU I so wanted to get involved in a new Church and campus ministry...but little did I know that I was WAY more shy than I thought... So, after some persuasion from my older sis "D" I visited Navigators for the first time sometime around the middle of September. Although I was still too shy to go by myself, so she drove the 45 minutes over to Fort Collins to go with me. Sweet sis huh? :)

Well, it turns out that was a night that I will never forget! They started as a whole group with worship and welcoming, but then split up the boys and girls into different rooms. At first I thought was a little strange, but then I found out just why they had done it. They wanted to talk about relationships, and what to look for in a future mate. I'm sure they had a much more eloquent way of saying it, but that's what it was. The true "must haves" in a mate.

I suppose I will never know what the male leaders talked about with the guys, but I sure remember what the female leaders share with us. So here it is, and they have to be in this order.

1. Pursuit of God.
2. Pursuit of Wisdom.
3. Pursuit of Contentment.
4. Pursuit of Integrity.
5. Pursuit of Leadership.

Pretty simple right? Well, sadly I never actually dated a guy who possessed all of these, especially in the right order until I met my now hubby. The sweetest thing, is that I could tell from our very, very first conversation too. :) His priorities were right, and that made him SO attractive to me. Even more than looks--although he certainly is easy on the eyes--he's so devoted to knowing God and growing in his knowledge about God and his work.

I'm so thankful God put J in my life. There isn't a more perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life on this journey with! I love you J!!! Thanks for loving God, learning about Him, being who He made you to be and leading me with love!! :)

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