Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthdays and Showers!

Yesterday was a big day too! So we had a big weekend with lots of time spent with friends and especially family! (Our fave!) :) Our party Saturday, then a Bday party and bridal shower Sunday! Fun!
So, my little niece K. turned 3 yesterday!! She was SO adorable and excited for her party and she did so well. She smiled for the cameras, broke the pinata very well spilling candy everywhere, opened presents without any trouble and had a great time! What a sweetie. I so enjoy being an aunt, and getting to spend time with family and my sweet little nieces and nephews. :) (And J does enjoy being an Uncle too, although he wasn't able to make it to the party this time. He was hard at work on his defense that he give this week.)

So then it was off to my sister-in-law's bridal shower! My mom and I went down together and had a good time. Presents were given, hugs exchanged and games played. Here's a pic of the game we played where you make a dress out of toilet paper. This was the winning group--although this was obviously only the start of their dress. Then I quite taking pics because I got to be the model for our group. Fun times, and nice spending time with family down there too.

We've enjoyed getting to spend more time with family in these last few months than ever before. I suppose it's because we know, that shortly we won't get to as much. But good thing we'll come back for J's sister's wedding not too long after we leave CO anyway! :) Plus, there's always Christmas. Plus, I'm sure we'll find a good Church and great friends after not too long once we get out there.

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