Tuesday, July 27, 2010

83 and counting....

Thanks to my sweet parents who have been very generous with their time to help me pack up our place, I am up to 83 boxes that are packed and all ready to go! That's a lot right? Yep. I think so too....and there will still be some more. My original estimate was 150, but I am thinking it may just be around 100. Although, they are all shapes and sizes of boxes....ranging from boxes about the size of banker boxes to our 2 wardrobe boxes that are just enormous! So...yeah...lots of boxes. :)

I'm glad we already have this much packed though. I think I can easily get the rest packed up by the end of today or tomorrow with just last minute things to deal with. So crazy to think that we're leaving our sweet home of Colorado in just 4 days. But we are SO excited!

J's still been working on putting finishing touches on his Dissertation, but I'm pretty sure he can't wait to start his Post-Doc! He's been researching what he'll be doing research on for the last couple months on and off, and is very excited. As for me...I'm going to kind of figure out what I want to do with my life. At least for now. Hopefully I'll find a job I enjoy doing and maybe even go back for my Masters or something....the possibilities are quite endless. Until they have an end of course. :)

Anyway, for now, we're excited to be starting this adventure together!

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