Thursday, July 15, 2010

16 days . . .

Well, we leave for NC in just 16 days. Crazy that it's getting here so fast too! Exciting...while very, very nerve racking. I suppose it's because I still have so much of our stuff to pack.

Anyway, I had a great day today though! My very sweet mom came over and helped me pack things. It was so nice to hang with her while getting things done. I'm so lucky to have her. Mom's are great, you know? And I'm so lucky that no only do I have two sisters who are my life long friends, but the greatest Mom in the world who's a friend for life too!! :)

Don't get me wrong though....I wasn't always so thankful to have sisters, and all. But as I have grown up and grown in my faith, I've realized just how special and important family is! In fact, my husband and I are both bless with great families, that keep expanding! (people getting married, having children, etc.) It's great! :)

Anyway, my count of actual boxes packed and ready to move is up to about 17. So that's something.... : ) Thanks Mom for your help!!

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