Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring

Alright, it's spring, but it doesn't really seem like it here. I guess they do say that March is our snowiest month...so I suppose that's it. :) We only got about 5 inches on Friday, but they are predicting 8-12 between this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see...

We had the opportunity to go to two of our nieces' birthday parties this weekend! K turned 9 on the 17th and S will turn 1 on the 30th! So it was fun to see family and celebrate their birthdays. I can't believe K is already 9 though....wow....time flies! :)  Kind of makes me feel old....but at least she was born when I was only 16, and I turned 17 the next month.

I am all better from the strep/virus I had last week, which is good! J is busy with subbing for his advisor this week. We should sign our lease this afternoon, so we should have a home for the summer!! :)

God is good, and reveals his plans one at a time. So I am working on patience as usual. ;)

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