Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowing in Spring

Well, this week was beautiful and around 65....that is until this morning when the snow came in! It looks like we have a few inches and it is still snowing pretty heavily. So we just may get the 6-12 inches they were predicting! Fine by me I guess....I didn't have to work today and it is Friday. :)

As you probably already know I was sick earlier this week. I had strep throat and a flu like virus. Now I've been on my antibiotic for 4 days and feel much better! :) I guess that's just something that is possible to get when I am subbing in schools with little kiddos.

J has been hard at work on his dissertation and research. He luckily didn't get sick from me. Which is truly a blessing! :)

Our oldest niece K, turned 9 on March 17th! I can't believe she is growing up so fast! Hopefully the roads will be clear enough for us to attend her party on Sunday afternoon. :)

Update on our living situation. We will hopefully be signing a lease for a place to live this summer on Tuesday!  It's a cute apartment in LaPorte, which sounds far away, but is actually way closer to J's work than where we currently live.

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