Monday, February 22, 2010


Front of New Belgium Brewery.

Panorama, see how huge it is?

On Saturday J and I took a tour of New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins. It was just one of the many things we have on our lists of things to do before we leave Colorado. (For a while, we still want to be here long term.) We had a very informative, fun tour guide and the tour lasted about 90 minutes. I know that sounds like a long time, but it was really interesting. He told us about the history of the owners and how they started brewing, and then went into the whole brewing process.

They pride themselves on creativity and being a green company. The have their own solar panels, water treatment center and buy only wind energy. I could go on...but I won't. :) We also got to sample 5 beers on the tour and can go back to sample more. The best part--totally free. :) Here's a few pics. Their whole facility is beautiful.
The last chamber the beer brews in before it goes to the "church" where it ferments. There are actually 5 chambers is goes through before it gets here.

Did you notice the mosaic in the last photo? This is a close up of the one around this chamber. There are different beautiful mosaics around each chamber!

After we had the tour we ate lunch in Old Town at one of favorite sandwich shops. We had a buy one, get one free coupon which made it super affordable too! Then we walked around Old Town and wandered into this newer Thift Store. J found a sweet telescope with eye pieces and tripod for a great price. Then we also found this trunk, that we are storing blankets and things in! You can actually see one of the blankets in there--the turqoise towards the bottom. :) I think I am going to re-cover it though because that is a bit obnoxious! Cute trunk though huh?

Friday, February 12, 2010

First US Patent and Awards Ceremony

So last night J and I had the honor of attending the CSU Technology Transfers Awards Ceremony and Reception at the Hilton. J was awarded his first U.S. Patent and got a nice plaque for it. Good work honey!