Friday, January 15, 2010

Life and shakes

Well, this week was good and we are looking forward to this weekend We are going to the Stockshow tomorrow! I got some subbing jobs this week and it leaves me encouraged for more to come. :)

This week there was a very bad earthquake in Haiti. It was rated 7.0 and is still having aftershocks. The two families we know that are missionaries there, the Brumley's and the Buxman's are safe and helping people in their clinics. The epicenter was near Port-au-Prince and they only have estimations so far for the damage. It is estimated that 300,000 are homeless now and at least 1/3 of the population (About 3million) have been effected directly. Haiti is in need of food, water, and medical supplies. Keep them in your prayers. Things like this sure make us thankful to be living in the US and especially in CO where Earthquakes don't happen.

I has an opportunity to submit an article to AC for this type of contest for $25. I guess I won, because I got $25 for it! Here it is: How to more than just survive date a Rocket Scientist. I also wrote an article about the earthquake and AC is donating money to the efforts for it. Here it is: A Cry heard around the world.

God is good and continues to provide for us each month and we are thankful. We are healthy and so are our families. God bless!

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