Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Skating in Old Town

We have wanted to go ice skating in Old Town for a couple of years now, and finally did it yesterday! We went around 2pm and it wasn't too cold or crowded. We had fun and didn't fall which is always nice! The best part is that it's actually affordable. It's only $2 a person to skate and then only $1 a person for skate rentals. So that was a nice date and way to spend time together.

We had to get some hot chocolate from Starry Night Cafe afterwards to warm up. Also that is where Jesse first held my hand back in July of it's always nice to go back there. (Starry Night)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I finally decided to start a foodie blog. My Mom had suggested it a while back, and I had that in the back of my I did it. It's called: A Delicious Melody. Check it out if you have time! :)

Jesse has been busy in the lab for the last couple of weeks and making headway there which is always nice. He's still working so hard, I'm so proud of him!

God has been so faithful in providing for us too. We are so grateful for all we have. :) Sorry this one is quite short. I am off to watch Greys and Private Practice. ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Past Decade in Review (2000-2009)

I got this idea from my sister D, so I thought we’d reflect on just how much happened in our lives last decade.  God is so good to us and continues to provide. It’s interesting to see how he provides for everything, in His timing.

2000-J and I hadn’t met yet. He was attending Colorado State University and working for Dimension 2000. J accepted Christ in February of 2000 and was baptized in the Poudre River. (Intense huh? He says it was really cold.) I was attending High School and working at a local restaurant.

2001-J was still attending CSU and I was still in HS. I had the opportunity to travel to England and Scotland in August with my school’s Drama department for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

2002-J was still attending CSU. I graduated from HS in May and started attending CSU in August. J and I actually met for the first time in the fall of 2002 at a broomball event with the Navigators. Although we met, it didn’t change our lives and we went on with our lives separately until the Lord brought us together a few years down the road. During the summer my parents took me to South Dakota for my “Graduation” trip!

2003-J and I were both attending CSU. During the summer of 2003, J worked on a Rover Sat. Project. I got to go to Yellowstone with my parents and Grandma K.

2004-J and I were still attending CSU. In January I started as a Resident Assistant, then I was also an RA for Preview during the summer. I got to go to Montana and Canada with my parents during the summer. I also returned as an RA in the Fall. In May of 2004 J graduated with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He got a job offer from Ratheon but turned it down to pursue his graduate studies. That summer, just after J started doing research he came down with mono and had to move home with his parents for a few weeks. He did recover just in time for his family to take a trip to Costa Rica though. In the Fall he started taking Graduate classes and teaching labs.

2005-J was continuing with his Graduate classes, research and teaching. I was still working on my undergrad at CSU. In the spring I was an RA in the Towers and then in the fall I became an RA in Allison Hall.

2006-J and I were still both attending CSU. I was an RA in Allison spring semester. Then I worked as an Engineering Intern for the Colorado Department of Transportation during the summer. I had a great time and got to spend most of my summer in Estes Park on a project just East of the entrance to RMNP. I bought my Explorer in June. In the Fall I moved off campus with a couple of friends. In August, I got to go to Hawaii with my mom and dad. J bought his Jeep in October, right around the time his best friend moved to California.

2007-J and I were still attending CSU. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music in May and went to work for CDOT for the next six months. J graduated with his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and went on to work on his PhD. He got his first paper published in July of 2007. J and I were matched by Eharmony around the 10th of July. We had our first date on July 25, 2007. Then J proposed October 20th, 2007, and the wedding planning started. My parents and I went on vacation to Disney World in November.

2008-J was still at work on his PhD and I was working as a Library Assistant at a High School until May. We got married on June 7th, 2008 and went on a honeymoon to a few great towns in the mountains of Colorado. We lived in Married Student Housing for our first year of marriage. I worked for our brother-in-law J for about six months until I found a job in Fort Collins. In October of 2008, we became members of our Church in Fort Collins. We were really happy to find a Church together and really get involved.

2009-J was still working on his PhD and I worked at a local Coffee Shop until the end of July. In May of 2009, we took an Anniversary trip to Yellowstone National Park and had a great time. In May we also moved to Cunningham corner and adopted a little black Bombay cat, we named Cinderella. After I quit the Coffee shop, I started substitute teaching for Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley schools.

Ok, I got done writing this and realized I didn’t put a few things in, like becoming an Aunt. I may have missed a few other things that happened throughout the years too, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head. We are so thankful for each other, our families and our lives that God so richly blesses us through!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life and shakes

Well, this week was good and we are looking forward to this weekend We are going to the Stockshow tomorrow! I got some subbing jobs this week and it leaves me encouraged for more to come. :)

This week there was a very bad earthquake in Haiti. It was rated 7.0 and is still having aftershocks. The two families we know that are missionaries there, the Brumley's and the Buxman's are safe and helping people in their clinics. The epicenter was near Port-au-Prince and they only have estimations so far for the damage. It is estimated that 300,000 are homeless now and at least 1/3 of the population (About 3million) have been effected directly. Haiti is in need of food, water, and medical supplies. Keep them in your prayers. Things like this sure make us thankful to be living in the US and especially in CO where Earthquakes don't happen.

I has an opportunity to submit an article to AC for this type of contest for $25. I guess I won, because I got $25 for it! Here it is: How to more than just survive date a Rocket Scientist. I also wrote an article about the earthquake and AC is donating money to the efforts for it. Here it is: A Cry heard around the world.

God is good and continues to provide for us each month and we are thankful. We are healthy and so are our families. God bless!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's really already here! How exciting though! :) A whole new year of adventures and life lessons. Tomorrow marks our Explorer being up for sale for one month. We've had a couple of calls and one person test drive it so far. Just a minute ago I got another call which is encouraging though! This man is from Loveland and sounds like he's really interested. Either way, J and I are trusting God and resting in that. :)

I've written a few articles in the last week. Be sure to check this out on 
 eHow on making Baked Grilled Cheese. Other than that, life is normal. I've been sick with some sort of flu/cold for a couple days and J's been a sweetie taking care of me. He even got me sushi tonight with lots of wasabi--which surprisingly did help at least for a while! :)

J's working hard on his research and everything for his dissertation. I can't believe he'll be done in this summer and then the real adventure will begin. It felt like it was so far off when we got married, and now it's almost here! I'm not sure if I'm ready. I suppose I will feel better as soon as we find out just where we will be living next though. :)