Monday, December 14, 2009

Fa La La La

December is sure flying by! Slow month for subbing...but God is good and in control. So we are resting in that. :)  I am continuing to apply for other jobs, but haven't heard anything. There are jobs out there, just way too many people applying for them.

J's semester is wrapping up, and just has a final tomorrow and on Thursday. Then he'll be completely done with classes and just has his dissertation to finish! So that's exciting.

J and I just had a blast this weekend with our Church's Christmas program. We both had solos and God's glory was singing and ringing in the halls of the Church! Fun, fun! Jesse's fam came Sat. night and mine did Sunday night. :)

We just got invited to go to an Eagle's hockey game this Friday night with some friends of ours. So that should be fun. Neither of us have been to one of their games before! :)

J's brother's graduation is this coming Saturday. So it will be nice to see him walk! Then that night another one of our friends is having a little Christmas party that we are going to! Which I'm excited for! She's making tons of fun food I guess which is cool! :)

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