Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter anyone?

Well, it seems it may either be Indian summer or winter here already. I don't think we really have fall in Colorado...I know the leaves change colors and fall, but really the weather is so random. It snowed 5 inches over night here and by the time it was 9am the roads were just wet. Then we were we driving back from Church they were dry! Not that I am complaining....merely stating. :)

J has his Preliminary Exam on Tuesday. He has been putting so much work into this for the last two months especially. What a great example of diligence, and it paying off though. He is well prepared with a powerpoint presentation and has talked with Professors from Chemistry, Biology as well as EE to make sure he is not missing anything. Keep him in your prayers please. :)

Subbing has picked up for the most part, although I am still searching and applying for more permanent employment. God is good and provides in His time.

We are learning a lot in our Sunday School class and love how God placed us there! We love our Church! Our new Senior Pastor is a great speaker and has a fresh view on evangelism too.

J and I both have Solos in the Christmas program this year which will be fun. It's so nice to go to a Church with a music program that has a choir and does programs with it! (Unlike where I went in College and where we went when we were first married!)

Ok, I think those are all my random thoughts for now. Stay tuned in next time for the rest of the story! ;)

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