Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wisdom take 2

Ok, so I went to the Dentist today. Turns out I really, truly do not have anymore wisdom teeth. So I only had two upper ones and the two bottom ones will never form. So that's good news, and a relief. Yet, unfortunately didn't answer all the things I hoped it would--like jaw pain and headaches...

I was diagnosed with TMJ though. Which does actually account for those symptoms. Which is great, but the device they wanted me to get for it, a mouth guard for night, was $600. So I said I would think about it and have been looking online. They actually sell quite a few different kinds. Oh and I do actually already have one that I bought a few months ago when I realized I was clenching my jaw at night. I can't wear that one though because it's huge and I have a gag relfex...

I do think I am going to try another over the counter kind though. I am just not sure if I could ever justify $600 for something like that. You know? Weird because I was ready to shell out however much it would be to get my wisdom teeth extracted, but that's different. I couldn't do that myself or anything, or go somewhere really cheap. So for now I am going to try a different kind and see if that helps. Well I am sure of one thing. It can't make it any worse! :)

So I am glad to have some answers, but now I am left with more questions too. I guess that's how life is though, right?

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