Wednesday, October 28, 2009

End of October

I got to go to K's last soccer game of this season. It was a pretty nice day considering it was the end of October. Here she is kicking the ball! :)
My sis D was visiting Colorado and got to see K's game too. 

Oct. 28th snow as of about 9:30am. It's still coming down and getting harder by the minute. Pretty huh? Poudre schools are closed but CSU is still open--for now at least. I love snow days though! :) Ok, this picture does NOT do it justice! There is at least 8 inches of snow out there. I just trudged through the snow over to the 7-11 behind our apartment. I had my big Sorel boots on and my pants above them and I still got snow all over my pants. Wow, there's a lot and it's still a coming! :) Cool.
Turns out we got about 18 inches of snow from this late October storm. Pretty sweet! :)

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