Monday, September 14, 2009


So as you probably know, I love crepes! I think the first time I had ever had one was at Cinzetti's a few years ago, and ever since I just love to find little creperies to try! Jesse and I found this great little creperie near Coors Stadium in May of 2008 before attending a Rockies game. Then we also found one on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder in March of 2009. Now Fort Collins even has two crepe shops in Old Town. So they are really getting around! I can see why too. They are delicious! :)

So finally I decided that I wanted to learn to make them at home since I love them so much. So I did! It all was quite easy, I found a video online, got some recipes and experimented! I started making them a week ago and have pretty much made some every day since! Jesse loves them too which is nice. My faves have always been with chocolate and berries, so I have been putting Nutella and Raspberries in them. Just delicious, is all I can say! Mmmm....and here's a pic to prove that I can make them. :)

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