Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today our Church baptized 8 people in the Poudre River up the Poudre Canyon. On our way back home we stopped for a bite to eat at one of our faves-Verns. :) We overheard a man talking that one of his cows had just given birth across the road, so after dinner we went on a little adventure.
Then we saw the cows in the field right next to that marker. This one was very photogenic-later you'll see how she wanted to come home with us! ;)
Here's a pic through some binoculars that a neighbor let us borrow to look at the new calves. One had been born 30 minutes prior and the other one that you can actually see in this pic was about a week old. Cute huh?

This was Sally who wanted for us to take her home...although she is due to give birth at anytime as well. (You can't really tell from this angle though!)This is a view of the Poudre River in an Open Space in Northern Fort Collins. I love how part of the river is so calm and it all looks quiet peaceful! Ironically we saw a transient in this open area about to take shelter under a bridge.

Nice day though! :) I love Sunday drives! Especially when we get to see life that has just begun!

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  1. Before this, I had never seen a newborn calf! That was very nice of that guy across the street to lend us his binoculars. He kind of reminded me of Willy Nelson, appearance-wise.