Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a great week and weekend!

We had a great week! I am officially in with Poudre Schools now too and hope to soon be subbing quite regularly. I took the online training/Sub Institute and couldn't be more happy to have that over. It was useful, but took about 9 hours to complete. Wowsers! :) Good to know that I prefer classroom settings to online learning...

I also just started writing articles for Associated content, which is exciting. Check out my contributor page: My pen name is Cindy Collins. :) I made it so that my real name isn't all over the internet.

Friday night J and I got to see SHEL perform at the Annual Art Show fundraiser for Habitat at our Church. So that was awesome!!! We just love them! Check them out here: Look at the video for "The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubberband" it's our fave! We also got all their signatures. So that was exciting!

Then Saturday we went up to Estes for the day. The weather was gorgeous and I got some great pics. We had a nice time in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was a free admission day. (Added bonus) Then we went to B and J's wedding up at the YMCA. The weather held out just nicely for their outdoor wedding. We're so happy they got hitched! It was beautiful and a nice reception getting to catch up with our friends we hadn't seen since our wedding.

This morning we sang with the choir at Church and then had a productive afternoon. J changed the oil in the Jeep, changed his flat bike tire, did some more work on the cars and helped me with some things. I finished my class, wrote a couple of articles and did some work on another thing. So that's always a nice finish to a great week and weekend! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today our Church baptized 8 people in the Poudre River up the Poudre Canyon. On our way back home we stopped for a bite to eat at one of our faves-Verns. :) We overheard a man talking that one of his cows had just given birth across the road, so after dinner we went on a little adventure.
Then we saw the cows in the field right next to that marker. This one was very photogenic-later you'll see how she wanted to come home with us! ;)
Here's a pic through some binoculars that a neighbor let us borrow to look at the new calves. One had been born 30 minutes prior and the other one that you can actually see in this pic was about a week old. Cute huh?

This was Sally who wanted for us to take her home...although she is due to give birth at anytime as well. (You can't really tell from this angle though!)This is a view of the Poudre River in an Open Space in Northern Fort Collins. I love how part of the river is so calm and it all looks quiet peaceful! Ironically we saw a transient in this open area about to take shelter under a bridge.

Nice day though! :) I love Sunday drives! Especially when we get to see life that has just begun!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So as you probably know, I love crepes! I think the first time I had ever had one was at Cinzetti's a few years ago, and ever since I just love to find little creperies to try! Jesse and I found this great little creperie near Coors Stadium in May of 2008 before attending a Rockies game. Then we also found one on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder in March of 2009. Now Fort Collins even has two crepe shops in Old Town. So they are really getting around! I can see why too. They are delicious! :)

So finally I decided that I wanted to learn to make them at home since I love them so much. So I did! It all was quite easy, I found a video online, got some recipes and experimented! I started making them a week ago and have pretty much made some every day since! Jesse loves them too which is nice. My faves have always been with chocolate and berries, so I have been putting Nutella and Raspberries in them. Just delicious, is all I can say! Mmmm....and here's a pic to prove that I can make them. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Headboard and more

So after being married over a year we finally have a headboard! :) I had wanted to make it but we had never gotten the time. So last week we decided to go ahead and get measurement done so when we had some time this week we could do it. So we did! I think it looks pretty good too-from two amateurs!