Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just got back from Louisville, KY a couple of days ago. I was visiting my sis out there who just had a baby boy. It was so great to see them, and get to spend some time with them. Babies are so great! What a great blessing God gives us. Her little boy is a sweetheart and so is his older sister who is about 2 1/2. Quite an entertainer already in fact. She gave a small concert at the Mall's foodcourt the other day. Hilarious and precious all at the same time!

Now that I am back in CO though, I am back on the hunt for a job. After some promising interviews throughout the last few weeks, I still haven't found a job. I just picked up my last paycheck from the Coffee Shop...and realized what a relief it is that I don't have to go back there ever again! So, we are praying that God will continue to provide for us, like he always has, and a great job is just around the corner! :)

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