Monday, June 15, 2009

Soft Claws

So, life is good here. Nothing too major has happened. We went on a vacation to Yellowstone at the end of May and it was fabulous! May is totally the time of year to go on vacations especially to places that can get really busy in the summer. We really enjoyed our time in Yellowstone and J had never been there before, so it was really exciting for him to see all the Hydro Thermal features! :)

We are trying these "Soft Claws" on Cinderella and so far--we just put them on tonight--they seem to be doing a good job! I had to get bright pink ones for her so it looks like she has nail polish on! So cute! :) The pic above kind of shows what they look like. Hopefully they will do what they claim and save our furniture and bodies... ok she's been a good cat about the couches for the most part, but she likes to scratch and when she scratches me it hurts! So these should help! I will keep you posted on them! :)

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