Friday, April 10, 2009

Life with only one car

Well, we haven't gotten the Jeep back from the shop we have only had one car for a week now. I know that sounds spoiled for me to say that, because some couples and families only have one vehicle all the time...but we are used to two, so it's been interesting coordinating it all. One day J took me to work and picked me up, and then a couple days I did the same for him. Then there were a couple days in the middle of the week it was nice enough for him to ride his bike to work, so that was good. I am about to run out the door to go pick Jess up from work, but just had to update a little about our lives.

My work is changing...a lot...I am still really enjoying it, and I don't remember what all I said about it last week, but now we have lost two of our 9 girls there. (Lost as in them not working there any longer.) So we are in the process of hiring new people and two have already started actually this week and one is a guy. So one guy in a coffee shop of 8 other workers who are all girls...should be interesting. I have talked with him some and he seems nice. I guess I will really find out though next week when I work three 8hour shifts with him. . .

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