Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas with lots of family this year! We got to see Grandma K, Grandma D, Grandpa D, Aunt D and Uncle D in addition to all our parents, our siblings, our nieces and nephews! :) We enjoyed spending time with everyone and can't believe how generous everyone was! Thanks again! 

We just love this season and Christmas time. It's so nice to spend time with family and celebrate Jesus' birth! I can't believe that also means it's almost 2010!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eagles and Rams Prevail

Great start to the week before Christmas! J and I got to go to an Eagles game with some friends and they won 6-4! It was a great game and I got some action shots I posted below. :)

Eagles playing.

More Eagles playing! We had seats in the 4th row, so we could see A LOT of the action! :)
So J's bro graduated from CSU this afternoon and it was great. The speaker was very good, quite motivational and short winded! :) Here's part of the gift we gave him. Cool huh? J and I had the idea and I picked out the record and he assembled the clock! I think I will have him make me one too! :) We also gave him a Gerber multi-plier tool.
The ceremony at Moby Arena. This is the whole College of Business graduation this December, way smaller than my Liberal Arts College back in May of 2007!
We had a nice lunch around 2pm at Red Robin in celebration of his graduation with the fam.

Tonight we have a Christmas party to go to as well, so it's a full weekend! :) Until next time!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fa La La La

December is sure flying by! Slow month for subbing...but God is good and in control. So we are resting in that. :)  I am continuing to apply for other jobs, but haven't heard anything. There are jobs out there, just way too many people applying for them.

J's semester is wrapping up, and just has a final tomorrow and on Thursday. Then he'll be completely done with classes and just has his dissertation to finish! So that's exciting.

J and I just had a blast this weekend with our Church's Christmas program. We both had solos and God's glory was singing and ringing in the halls of the Church! Fun, fun! Jesse's fam came Sat. night and mine did Sunday night. :)

We just got invited to go to an Eagle's hockey game this Friday night with some friends of ours. So that should be fun. Neither of us have been to one of their games before! :)

J's brother's graduation is this coming Saturday. So it will be nice to see him walk! Then that night another one of our friends is having a little Christmas party that we are going to! Which I'm excited for! She's making tons of fun food I guess which is cool! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season

Wow, it's already December 1st. Can you believe it? I sure can't! We don't even have any Christmas decorations up yet! I am going to work on that tomorrow though. We had a great Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to Christmas time with family!

J's prelim went well, and he passed! :) So that set a date for his final exam. So, that's exciting to have a date for everything to be done! We are so excited to see just where God wants us and all He has in store for our lives. J has quite a list of places he can apply for Post-Docs and can basically start applying now. (It's a little more complicated than that with etiquette and all...but for all intensive purposes he can start applying now, since his prelim is over!)

As for me, same ol' same ol'. I have a couple more schools on my black list and I have had fun overall subbing these last few weeks. I got to sub one week for a music teacher in Wellington and I will sub there next week too. 

So, if you haven't already heard on Nov. 18th, our Jeep's spare tire, wheel and bike rack were stolen while it was parked on the CSU campus around 2pm. Crazy huh? Thankfully, our insurance is paying part of the damages and we already have a brand new spare tire and wheel to replace those. (We had gotten 5 new tires for the Jeep at the beginning of November.) I still don't understand why people do thing like that...but at least they actually took something this time, unlike back in April and just slashing the top of the Jeep. Our poor Jeep though...

Thanks for all the prayers. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter anyone?

Well, it seems it may either be Indian summer or winter here already. I don't think we really have fall in Colorado...I know the leaves change colors and fall, but really the weather is so random. It snowed 5 inches over night here and by the time it was 9am the roads were just wet. Then we were we driving back from Church they were dry! Not that I am complaining....merely stating. :)

J has his Preliminary Exam on Tuesday. He has been putting so much work into this for the last two months especially. What a great example of diligence, and it paying off though. He is well prepared with a powerpoint presentation and has talked with Professors from Chemistry, Biology as well as EE to make sure he is not missing anything. Keep him in your prayers please. :)

Subbing has picked up for the most part, although I am still searching and applying for more permanent employment. God is good and provides in His time.

We are learning a lot in our Sunday School class and love how God placed us there! We love our Church! Our new Senior Pastor is a great speaker and has a fresh view on evangelism too.

J and I both have Solos in the Christmas program this year which will be fun. It's so nice to go to a Church with a music program that has a choir and does programs with it! (Unlike where I went in College and where we went when we were first married!)

Ok, I think those are all my random thoughts for now. Stay tuned in next time for the rest of the story! ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

End of October

I got to go to K's last soccer game of this season. It was a pretty nice day considering it was the end of October. Here she is kicking the ball! :)
My sis D was visiting Colorado and got to see K's game too. 

Oct. 28th snow as of about 9:30am. It's still coming down and getting harder by the minute. Pretty huh? Poudre schools are closed but CSU is still open--for now at least. I love snow days though! :) Ok, this picture does NOT do it justice! There is at least 8 inches of snow out there. I just trudged through the snow over to the 7-11 behind our apartment. I had my big Sorel boots on and my pants above them and I still got snow all over my pants. Wow, there's a lot and it's still a coming! :) Cool.
Turns out we got about 18 inches of snow from this late October storm. Pretty sweet! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wisdom take 2

Ok, so I went to the Dentist today. Turns out I really, truly do not have anymore wisdom teeth. So I only had two upper ones and the two bottom ones will never form. So that's good news, and a relief. Yet, unfortunately didn't answer all the things I hoped it would--like jaw pain and headaches...

I was diagnosed with TMJ though. Which does actually account for those symptoms. Which is great, but the device they wanted me to get for it, a mouth guard for night, was $600. So I said I would think about it and have been looking online. They actually sell quite a few different kinds. Oh and I do actually already have one that I bought a few months ago when I realized I was clenching my jaw at night. I can't wear that one though because it's huge and I have a gag relfex...

I do think I am going to try another over the counter kind though. I am just not sure if I could ever justify $600 for something like that. You know? Weird because I was ready to shell out however much it would be to get my wisdom teeth extracted, but that's different. I couldn't do that myself or anything, or go somewhere really cheap. So for now I am going to try a different kind and see if that helps. Well I am sure of one thing. It can't make it any worse! :)

So I am glad to have some answers, but now I am left with more questions too. I guess that's how life is though, right?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, now that I am 25 I am pretty sure my other two wisdom teeth decided to form and start coming in. I had my top two wisdom teeth out when I was a Junior in college and at that point I didn't even have any "buds" for my bottom ones. Well, I have had pretty much constant headaches for at least 5 months now, jaw pain and I have noticed this week that there is definitely something going on back where my wisdom teeth would be. So I have an appointment tomorrow to see the Dentist and hopefully get some answers. I don't mind the oral survey, in fact I remember my first time being very interesting and fun when it all was wearing off. :) I just want to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner like normal..... I guess we will see tomorrow though. Maybe it's all just in my head. (Get it...LOL)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We went to Anderson Farms this weekend and had a great time. I got to catch up with my bestie and in the pic above you can see that things have been busy around her farm. Her Pigmy goats are having babies left and right. Aren't they cute?!?!? Ok, you can only see one baby in that pic, but there are several in that pin. Also while we were in the pumpkin patch another goat had 2 babies.

We also got to see J's friends B and J and J's wife J. So it was a cold day, but a nice time to catch up with good friends! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a great week and weekend!

We had a great week! I am officially in with Poudre Schools now too and hope to soon be subbing quite regularly. I took the online training/Sub Institute and couldn't be more happy to have that over. It was useful, but took about 9 hours to complete. Wowsers! :) Good to know that I prefer classroom settings to online learning...

I also just started writing articles for Associated content, which is exciting. Check out my contributor page: My pen name is Cindy Collins. :) I made it so that my real name isn't all over the internet.

Friday night J and I got to see SHEL perform at the Annual Art Show fundraiser for Habitat at our Church. So that was awesome!!! We just love them! Check them out here: Look at the video for "The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubberband" it's our fave! We also got all their signatures. So that was exciting!

Then Saturday we went up to Estes for the day. The weather was gorgeous and I got some great pics. We had a nice time in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was a free admission day. (Added bonus) Then we went to B and J's wedding up at the YMCA. The weather held out just nicely for their outdoor wedding. We're so happy they got hitched! It was beautiful and a nice reception getting to catch up with our friends we hadn't seen since our wedding.

This morning we sang with the choir at Church and then had a productive afternoon. J changed the oil in the Jeep, changed his flat bike tire, did some more work on the cars and helped me with some things. I finished my class, wrote a couple of articles and did some work on another thing. So that's always a nice finish to a great week and weekend! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today our Church baptized 8 people in the Poudre River up the Poudre Canyon. On our way back home we stopped for a bite to eat at one of our faves-Verns. :) We overheard a man talking that one of his cows had just given birth across the road, so after dinner we went on a little adventure.
Then we saw the cows in the field right next to that marker. This one was very photogenic-later you'll see how she wanted to come home with us! ;)
Here's a pic through some binoculars that a neighbor let us borrow to look at the new calves. One had been born 30 minutes prior and the other one that you can actually see in this pic was about a week old. Cute huh?

This was Sally who wanted for us to take her home...although she is due to give birth at anytime as well. (You can't really tell from this angle though!)This is a view of the Poudre River in an Open Space in Northern Fort Collins. I love how part of the river is so calm and it all looks quiet peaceful! Ironically we saw a transient in this open area about to take shelter under a bridge.

Nice day though! :) I love Sunday drives! Especially when we get to see life that has just begun!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So as you probably know, I love crepes! I think the first time I had ever had one was at Cinzetti's a few years ago, and ever since I just love to find little creperies to try! Jesse and I found this great little creperie near Coors Stadium in May of 2008 before attending a Rockies game. Then we also found one on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder in March of 2009. Now Fort Collins even has two crepe shops in Old Town. So they are really getting around! I can see why too. They are delicious! :)

So finally I decided that I wanted to learn to make them at home since I love them so much. So I did! It all was quite easy, I found a video online, got some recipes and experimented! I started making them a week ago and have pretty much made some every day since! Jesse loves them too which is nice. My faves have always been with chocolate and berries, so I have been putting Nutella and Raspberries in them. Just delicious, is all I can say! Mmmm....and here's a pic to prove that I can make them. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Headboard and more

So after being married over a year we finally have a headboard! :) I had wanted to make it but we had never gotten the time. So last week we decided to go ahead and get measurement done so when we had some time this week we could do it. So we did! I think it looks pretty good too-from two amateurs!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just got back from Louisville, KY a couple of days ago. I was visiting my sis out there who just had a baby boy. It was so great to see them, and get to spend some time with them. Babies are so great! What a great blessing God gives us. Her little boy is a sweetheart and so is his older sister who is about 2 1/2. Quite an entertainer already in fact. She gave a small concert at the Mall's foodcourt the other day. Hilarious and precious all at the same time!

Now that I am back in CO though, I am back on the hunt for a job. After some promising interviews throughout the last few weeks, I still haven't found a job. I just picked up my last paycheck from the Coffee Shop...and realized what a relief it is that I don't have to go back there ever again! So, we are praying that God will continue to provide for us, like he always has, and a great job is just around the corner! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th at the Cabin

Isn't colorful Colorado great? I took this pic of a flower up at our family cabin this weekend. My mom pointed this beauties out to me, we didn't really remember them from past years up there.

Then the top pic (I'm still getting the hang out of putting pics in my blogs...) is while we were in the boating fishing. I love the water and the peak.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Soft Claws

So, life is good here. Nothing too major has happened. We went on a vacation to Yellowstone at the end of May and it was fabulous! May is totally the time of year to go on vacations especially to places that can get really busy in the summer. We really enjoyed our time in Yellowstone and J had never been there before, so it was really exciting for him to see all the Hydro Thermal features! :)

We are trying these "Soft Claws" on Cinderella and so far--we just put them on tonight--they seem to be doing a good job! I had to get bright pink ones for her so it looks like she has nail polish on! So cute! :) The pic above kind of shows what they look like. Hopefully they will do what they claim and save our furniture and bodies... ok she's been a good cat about the couches for the most part, but she likes to scratch and when she scratches me it hurts! So these should help! I will keep you posted on them! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life with only one car

Well, we haven't gotten the Jeep back from the shop we have only had one car for a week now. I know that sounds spoiled for me to say that, because some couples and families only have one vehicle all the time...but we are used to two, so it's been interesting coordinating it all. One day J took me to work and picked me up, and then a couple days I did the same for him. Then there were a couple days in the middle of the week it was nice enough for him to ride his bike to work, so that was good. I am about to run out the door to go pick Jess up from work, but just had to update a little about our lives.

My work is changing...a lot...I am still really enjoying it, and I don't remember what all I said about it last week, but now we have lost two of our 9 girls there. (Lost as in them not working there any longer.) So we are in the process of hiring new people and two have already started actually this week and one is a guy. So one guy in a coffee shop of 8 other workers who are all girls...should be interesting. I have talked with him some and he seems nice. I guess I will really find out though next week when I work three 8hour shifts with him. . .

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week!

What a week this has been! On Monday my sister A. had her fifth baby. They named her S. and she is such a cute baby! We are so glad that she arrived early and is healthy! What a little blessing!!

Then Wednesday I started having pretty severe shoulder pain. I worked 8 hours that day and was schedule Thursday as well, so I went to work as normal on Thursday and J brought me a sling because my shoulder was so painful I couldn't move it without practically crying in pain. So finally my boss let me off an hour and half early so that I could go to the Dr. After meeting with the Dr. he informed me that I have tendonitis in my rotator cuff as well as a bursitis. He gave me some muscle relaxers as well as high dose ibuprofen and it is already showing improvement in range of motion and pain! So that's good.

Then this morning J and I got up and ready as usual. But when J got out to the Jeep to go to work he saw it had been broken into. The rear drivers' side window had a hole in it as well as a two foot long cut in the top above the drivers' seat. It is a soft top and we don't understand why they didn't just unzip a window or two....but whatever. Fortunately all they stole was: the insurance card, registration and a cell phone charger. (At least as far as we can tell.) We intentionally don't leave anything of value in the Jeep since it is a soft top and it is easy to get in...but apparently they didn't think it was that easy to get into. After spending a day on the phone and running around town sorting things out and speaking with the police, DMV and insurance company it was determined that the top was unrepairable and it would need to be replaced. After looking up pricing for Jeep Unlimited Soft tops and finding they start at about $1500...we were a little discouraged until our insurance company let us know that it was covered under the vandalism part of the policy and we only will need to pay the small deductible! What another blessing!

So then we J and I were eating lunch today during our crazy errands, we got a phone call from that apartment complex we had applied to this week and they approved us!!! So it is official we will be moving in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! Espeically after this incident at our current apartment we certainly want to move! So this is a huge blessing!!! We are so excited to move into a place that's better suited for us!!! :) Although unfortunately we still have to live at our current place till May and it makes me a little concerned since the people who broke into the Jeep now know our names and address..... Please pray for that situation!  :)

Anyway, after a crazy week, it's overall been a great one despite the set back with the Jeep. Oh another thing about it though--is that since there is supposedy to be a snow storm this weekend and the insurance company didn't want us to put any duct tape or anything on the holes, they got it into the Dealership today so it can be inside this weekend! God definitely takes care of all the details. It's great isn't it? :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Month of Love

February is the month of Love if there ever was one. Today while I was working I noticed all the new decorations at the Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory just in time for V-day! Lovely hearts cover everything, and special heart shaped chocolates you can purchase for your sweetie. I was admiring them from across the hall (my coffee shop is directly across from it) and an employee from there walked into my store with a box of chocolates for me. It was my favorites from my sweetheart! How thoughtful! What a month!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heat Wave

So today was a heat wave. It got to about 37 degrees today in Fort Collins which is by far the warmest it's been in a while. Yesterday it was pretty much about 10 degrees and Monday it was -10 all day. Just ridiculously cold...but we did get some snow out of this storm which is always nice in Colorado! :)