Monday, August 21, 2017

Today was a historic day.

eclipse, moon, night
Today was a historic day. 
For some it was because of the Eclipse. 
For some it was because their babies started school. 
For some it was because they said “yes” or “I do”. 
For some it was because they’d made it to 1 or 5 or 10 years cancer free. 
And for some it was because they got a positive cancer diagnosis.

It wasn’t too long ago, that my Mom sat me down after a lovely Christmas visit, the day before we were to fly back to our NC home at the time, to break it to me that she had cancer and was having a very serious surgery in the following days.  Fast forward to almost 5 years later and she’s thankfully doing great.  While there is still a shadow looming (like there will always be now), much like that Eclipse many of us witnessed today, she is healthier than ever and the strongest fighter I know! (read more here)

Others don’t have the same outcome though.  Cancer is mysterious.  Cancer is devastating.  Cancer is cancer.  Even in the day and age of wonderful, revolutionary science and modern medicine, they don’t know much about cancer.

Today was the day a dear friend of mine, whom I’ve known for 15 years, got the news that nobody ever wants to receive.  There are still so many unknowns because it is early in the diagnosis and cancer just has so many unknowns.  I can’t imagine the helpless and, even at times, hopeless feelings my friend and her family must be going through right now.  Life already is full of unknowns with jobs, children, family, neighbors, etc.…but to put your health into that just is hard.  I am truly heartbroken for her.  Cancer stinks.  We should lean into God for the strength to fight, for answers and comfort.  But it doesn’t always come that naturally.  Could you please lift up a prayer for her and her sweet family?  And could you also add them to your prayer list?

Let’s hug our loved ones tightly when we see them and let them know we love them.  Let’s lean into the Word of God.  Let’s lean on a friend.  Reach out for help or offer help.  Let’s pray like we’ve never prayed before.  Not just for my friend (which I’m sure she’s appreciate) but also for our families, our country, our world and our walk with God.  Let’s get closer to each other and to God.  

Today reminds me of how short life truly is, and how we never know when we’ll meet our Maker.   

Jesus was 33 when He died.  He was the age that I am now.  That’s all.  In today’s standards that’s a short life, but He completed everything He needed to in that time frame.  Although you could argue that since He was still fully God while He was fully human, he likely knew how long He was going to live and therefore could be highly efficient with His time which He would be anyway because He was perfect.  Since we aren’t at all God, not even a little, shouldn’t we be super efficient with our time since we have NO IDEA when it will be up?  We’ve only got one chance at this life, and none of us are making it out of here alive.  

While I hope and pray my friend's cancer is treatable and as curable as some seem to be, there are no guarantees in this life.  Well, there is one and it is that life will end for each of us.  Then there are two ways to go:  to be united with God forever or to be separated from him for eternity.  I know where she and I both stand, do you?